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//Comprimido Shortfilm Festival

*Comprimido* is a social project that aims, not only promote the beautiful art of short films but also display them in walls that have no use at all. With this is wanted brighten streets and bring back the 20's outdoor cinema.

The municipality have been taking some forward steps when it come making the city more user center, and with this new mayer they have inclined more on relations. They have some *festivals* that celebrate the region like a wine fest, Mescla, Jardins Efemeros, a spring fest and others; but in this last one they invite graffiti artists to paint some none used facades in the city. Viseu is also known for they shortfilm culture, I have never seen no equal in Portugal. So they proposed the creation of some movie screens in those facades so people can enjoy some author movies wile the sun is comming down.

So *Comprimido* is a portuguese name for pill, in english, and because of the characteristics of the majority of pills, I wanted the identity to be bold, rounded, and with clean lines. But never forgetting, we are talking about films, this identity creates frames for them, and all letter are cutted so the image can appear. The fun of that is that, in the digital world, the a preview is shown has you can see above.

Besides posters we also did some stickers and popcorn containers. No one pays to see the movies they just need to pay for popcorn, sweet or salted.

Comprimido Comprimido Comprimido Comprimido Comprimido