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//Book Cover Reviews * Porto

In the city of Oporto once a year this lovely event gather people that not only like reading but also don’t judge the book by its cover. It happens in two afternoons a year, with well known guests that review some book covers. Or from new tendencies or other one that have good visuals.

BOO was the choosen name for this event, because of the of the word book and, because of that, all that identity has this feeling of being gothic, black and white aesthetics. BOO being the word that say when you scare people. It has a wiggle effect that, maybe, makes you feel the tremble. This happens in an already choosed location, normally in a book store or a fnac are good exemples. Above we have the book markers, and they are distributed to everyone.

On the website we can see all the book that are beeing talked about in the event and all of other from other editions. You can comment or open a discussion topic about a book cover or if you are creating one you can post it and try to have some feedback. These were the first skechts that I made, but they were declined because the use of too much color and too much information. They wanted to bee faithfull to the name.

BookCoverReviews BookCoverReviews BookCoverReviews BookCoverReviews BookCoverReviews