Nuno Santos // nonakednuno

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Identity created for an already established art galery in the heart of Lisbon.

Alecrim50 is curated by Pilar Norton dos Reis e Alexandra Serôdio Gomes and they bet on new and contemporary artists wich works translate quality and inovation.

Because of that premisse, I thought it was out of style for the XXI century. All the idea of having new school artists goes in oposite direction when it come to its own identity. That overwhelmed me. The dificult thing with theatres and art galleries is that they already have something important to show, so all the identity can’t impose the rest. This serif font with a short tracking makes it almost a sculped silluete that don’t disturbes the background, it almost camouflage into the paintings.

To be updated, the gallery needs to be in all fronts of the tecnhology and nothing better than a fresh website. In this website we can find all the expositions, now, previews and the ones that are to come. In this digital frame we also added the possibility for comments on the art and on the gallery with the option for appraisers to be autenticated and then autenticate art and information about it. With this we can create a community of art enthusiasts and critics.

Alecrim50 Alecrim50 Alecrim50 Alecrim50 Alecrim50